Citrus Germplasm

As part of the National Clean Plant Network - Citrus, we currently maintain 15 citrus varieties in an insect-proof greenhouse at the University of Hawaiʻi. This clean germplasm is routinely indexed and certified to be free of targeted citrus pathogens. Budwood can be purchased for $0.25/budeye, with a minimum order of $10 (plus any USPS shipping charges). We do not sell rootstock material or grafted plants. Please contact us if you would like to place an order or require additional information about this service.


Allen 'Young line' (Watanabe) lemon

  • Group: Eureka lemon
  • Binomial: Citrus limon
  • USDA Accession Number: PI 658386                                  


Buddha's hand

  • Group: Citron
  • Binomial: Citrus medica
  • USDA Accession Number: PI 539445            
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Kaffir lime

  • Group: Papeda
  • Binomial: Citrus hystrix
  • USDA Accession Number: PI 658398                                                         

Clementine (Algerian)

  • Group: Mandarin-clementine
  • Binomial: Citrus reticulata
  • USDA Accession Number: PI 25196                                                           

Meiwa kumquat

  • Group: kumquat
  • Binomial: Fortunella crassifolia
  •  USDA Accession Number: PI 539722  

Finger lime

  • Group: Microcitrus  
  • Binomial: Microcitrus australasica   
  • USDA Accession Number: PI 312872                                                         

Minneola tangelo

  • Group: tangelo  
  • Binomial: Citrus x tangelo
  • USDA Accession Number: PI 539709             

Olinda Valencia orange

  • Group: Valencia orange
  • Binomial: Citrus sinensis  
  • USDA Accession Number: PI 539656                             

Oroblanco grapefruit

  • Group: Grape fruit hybrid                
  • Binomial: Citrus hybrid              
  • USDA Accession Number: PI 539202                                       

Parent Washington navel orange

  • Group: Navel orange
  • Binomial: Citrus sinensis
  • Accession Number: PI 539560                                                           

Persian lime SPB-7

  • Group: Lime  
  • Binomial: Citrus latifolia
  • USDA  Accession Number: PI 658363                                                           

Star Ruby grapefruit

  • Group: Grapefruit  
  • Binomial: Citrus paradisi      
  • USDA  Accession Number: PI 539478                                                     


  • Group: Papeda hybid
  • Binomial: Citrus sudachi
  • USDA Accession Number: PI 539676                        


  • Group: Papeda hybid
  • Binomial: Citrus junos  
  • USDA Accession Number: PI 45945 

Dancy (Frost nucellar) Mandarin

  • Group: Mandarin
  • Binomial: Citrus tangerina
  • USDA Accession Number: PI 539683